A good recipe for integration

The Faculty of Social Sciences hosts this academic year more than 50 foreign students. On 13th January we invited group of our Psychology, Cultural Studies, Sociology and Philosophy students from Spain, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Turkey, Romania, Lithuania and Poland to cook together at cooking academy. In the heart of Jeżyce, a traditional district of Poznań, at Dąbrowskiego 42, during 3 hours, in great atmosphere of pure joy, under the supervision of our assistants – dr Marcin Poprawski and dr Przemysław Kieliszewski, students were able to prepare more than 20 dishes, full of secret local ingredients and spices from home pantry. After international dinner our Erasmus students and other international exchange scholars from university watched brilliant musical show Evita in the Musical Theatre. These who were still full of energy decided to continue their integrating evening in latino rhythms at Muchos club.

All photos from Saturday meeting available at: